• Why buy Investment Program project?
    1. Similar to in mutual funds or trust funds
    2. produces dividend by Share/Fund
    3. Free 14 nights per year in Thailand at a five-star hotel
    4. Continuous returns of up to 5-9% per year for up to 20 years
    5. Stable returns, and you can enjoy your vacation at the same time!
  • Who is Origin Developer?
    Origin is one of Thailand's leading listed developers, ranging from boutique residences and serviced apartments to luxury villas, owning and operating 165 residential buildings and 36 hotels. Serving more than 34,000 families, with a market value of nearly 100 billion thai baht, and cooperate/acquire well-known brands such as InterContinental Hotel, Holiday Inn, Hampton, etc., The goal is to create a perfect high-quality residential experience for everyone.
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